Meet Guy and Ashton

Meet Guy and Ashton

Guy has lived in Oshawa for 35 years.  He was injured at work and his physical condition has continued to worsen due to a pre-existing condition from birth.  Guy misses his work as a residential mover.  “I loved my job and I hate not being able to earn my way and provide for my son.”

Guy often comes to St. Vincent Pallotti Kitchen with his five year old son Ashton.  Ashton is a curious and outgoing little boy who looks forward to getting special treats like pudding cups and markers and paper that he uses to draw beautiful pictures for the staff.  Ashton does not know that he is at soup kitchen, he thinks that he gets to go out to a restaurant with his father whenever they are together.  And that is exactly the atmosphere that Durham Outlook strives to create for all its patrons.

Just like Guy and Ashton, many patrons come to St. Vincent Pallotti Kitchen not just for a hot meal, but also for friendship, acceptance, and a sense of community.

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