Food Distribution

We are Durham Region’s only seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year soup kitchen.



St. Vincent Pallotti’s Store is our thrift store, proudly staffed by our volunteers.



A pick-up and drop-off service for food banks, charities, and groups, including schools, who offer breakfast and lunch programs for students in need, in the Durham Region.


Programs Update

Here is a breakdown of our current programs, what has been in operation during COVID-19, and what will continue during our relocation.  

1) Main Program -  DOFN’s food pick-up and distribution program remains in operation during COVID-19, as it is essential for DOFN to support the organizations who remain open to ensure our patrons are getting food, essential needs and support during these hard times. This program has always been in operation, during COVID-19 we increased operation, and we will continue this program when the building is closed during our relocation process. 

Daily, a volunteer driver picks up food and other dry goods from corporations, institutions and individuals for our fellow food banks, charities, groups, and schools, who offer breakfast and lunch programs for students in need. Durham Outlook for the Needy helps over 50 organizations monthly.

2) St. Vincent Pallotti’s Store is our thrift store. This program has remained open through Covid, and will close the end of February until the new location reopens. We receive donated gently used clothing and other items and sell them at a reasonable cost. All income generated from the store is used to fund our operations. During COVID -19 we have been using our store to hand out items needed by our patrons such as gift cards, winter items, and hygiene needs. We are currently no longer accepting donations. 

3) New Food Program was created in April due to COVID-19. This became our food bank program. Durham Outlook is handing out food to people in need. No ID necessary. We have two options to choose from: household food items or snack items, everyone is welcome. This will close end of February and re open when the new building is completed. 

4) The Kitchen – Currently closed, will re open upon the opening of the new location. 

Our two biggest needs currently are gift card donations and money to support our relocation, specifically towards new equipment. Keep your eye out for a list of our donation $$ requests coming soon!


Thank You to everyone for your heartwarming, kind, and amazing support during these hard but exciting times.