dofn new builingHELP US BUILD OUR NEW HOME

Our building at 51 King St East in Oshawa has been our home since the beginning, but we have outgrown it. 

Our ageing Kitchen can no longer support our efforts. Located in the basement of 51 King St East in Oshawa, it has no capacity for expansion, is badly in need of upgrades and renovations – and is not Accessible to our many patrons with strollers or disabilities.

Durham Outlook has purchased land and plans for a new building at 227 Simcoe St South in Oshawa.  Our new building will be a modern, fully accessible facility that can accommodate our kitchen, store, boardroom and offices.  The dining room will be larger in order to feed the increasing number of patrons we are seeing year after year.



For over 30 years members of our community have called 51 King St. E. home every evening as they sat down with friends to enjoy a hot meal.  2020 has been an extremely challenging year, COVID forced us to shut down our kitchen and prevented us from having meals together as a family.  At our Annual General Meeting in October the membership approved the sale of the building at 51 King St. E., and we are pleased to announce it has sold for $825,000.
We want you all to know that we appreciate the patience and compassion everyone has shown for the well-being of each other during this time. It has been so heartening to see how the community has come together to provide what they could to help care for others.
Hopefully 2021 will bring brighter days as we get set to start construction on our new building in the spring.  The DOFN Board of Directors plan to have shovels in the ground as soon as the frost thaws.  We look forward to sitting down for dinner at 227 Simcoe Street next fall - WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!