For 365 days a year, our Kitchen is a place to rely on. It is a place where people can socialize, engage with the community, and volunteer their time in serving others. We serve an average of 200 meals a day to some of our community’s most vulnerable people - including senior citizens, families with small children, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, and those who are homeless. Since opening we have served over 1.4 million meals helping to fill a critical gap in the care and treatment of the needy.


For $400 we will make the entire meal a free meal day in your name. We will post a sign outside the kitchen door with your organization’s name and/or logo on it and share it to our social media pages. You can customize any message you would like for the sign.


Through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and local churches, meal tickets are distributed free-of-charge to individuals and families experiencing poverty and food insecurity. For those unable to access free tickets, a four-course, restaurant-style meal costs $1.50. If a patron is unable to pay the $1.50, we serve them anyway. No one is ever turned away. We track these free meals provided and you can donate to cover the cost.


For $1.50 per ticket, you can purchase as many meal tickets to hand out to anyone you may know in need.

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