History of DOFN

A small group of people witnessed a sad thing happening in Durham Region.  They realized that many people were hungry and had no way of eating a nutritious meal.  They also noticed that there were businesses who were throwing away good food instead of donating the food. This small group of people wanted to provide a place where those who had extra food could help those who needed a nutritious meal. 

This small group sent a letter to all the churches in Durham Region inviting them to come to a meeting at St. Mary of the People Catholic Church Hall.  They expected 25 people to attend but were very surprised and pleased that over 250 people attended the meeting.  From that group, volunteer teams were formed leading to the first board of directors.

The location was discussed, and downtown was decided upon because of its central location.  51 King Street East had a vacancy in the basement, but the work involved to set up a restaurant was a tremendous task.  Many hours of planning and hard work went into making that basement the St. Vincent Pallotti Kitchen dining area we know today.  

Durham Outlook for the Needy was then formed and would run St. Vincent Pallotti Kitchen & Store. 

Durham Outlook for the Needy is a non-profit organization started in July 1990 by a group of dedicated Oshawa residents, striving to help those in need in the Durham Region. They chose the patronage and example of St. Vincent Pallotti (1795 to 1850) who dedicated his life to helping the poor and under privileged. With the help of over 900 volunteers each month from churches, numerous organizations and individuals, Durham Outlook for the Needy can provide nutritious daily meals in a dignified manner restaurant style. 

On October 15, 1990 St. Vincent Pallotti Kitchen served its first meal.